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Amelia Makes Art Client Testimonials
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needle felted adriana portrait

Hi Amelia!
They are beautiful Amelia! I loved them! They really outpast my expectations. Fantastic job! Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Best regards,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

needle felted portraits for client nancy

Oh, Amelia...these are just perfect!!!
You have really done an amazing job on them!!! I can't get over how you've captured each personality!! They are perfect!!!

Alexandria, Virginia

needle felted portraits for client nancy

I absolutely love him. He is just precious!!!! I cannot wait to get home & take a pic of he & max together. Adorable!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!! I just love him. Worth the wait!!! =)

San Diego, CA

needle felted portraits for client kathy

Hi Amelia!!!!
What can I say except I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It looks just like Peabody...it's actually his 3rd birthday today, so your e-mail was well timed!!! He looks great, just as he is!!!! Thank you for everything!!! I'll take pics when my daughter opens him at Christmas time, and I'll be sure to send you pics of them..as well as the Peabody sculpture with Peabody!!
Thank you, thank you!!

San Diego, CA

needle felted portraits for client jean

Hi Amelia,
I LOVE my mini Max. I opened it on the anniversary of his passing... brought tears to my eyes. Thanks again and God Bless.

Niceville, FL

needle felted portraits for client regina

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on the sculpture of Phenomenal. The gift was a huge hit! We have another foal on the way this spring and I'm already planning on having you make another sculpture for xmas next year. You are extremely talented!

Laurel, MD

needle felted portraits for client peter

Hi Amelia,
Just wanted you to know how much we love your sculpture of Robin!
It's absolutely fantastic -- everyone can't get over how much it looks like him. It's uncanny! You really captured him -- not just appearance, but attitude and demeanor. You are a very gifted artist!
I'll be sure to send you a photo of him with his likeness.
Thanks so much!

Decatur, GA

needle felted portraits for client norb

My wife was thrilled with your sculpture of Bentley. She said it was the best present she has ever received. You are a great artist. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Livonia, MI

needle felted portraits for client susan

I have such a busy day ahead of me, looked at my messy office and decided to put everything off and check e-mail... thanks for making me laugh out loud with the photos of my pack! They look terrific! I'll check out thru paypal and you can ship them off! Thank you for capturing their spirit and glad you are well!

Kirkwood, MO

needle felted portraits for client shannon

We all think you are a genius- it is the essence of Bikini! The gift will be delivered today and we will let you know the response. Again, many many thanks for making this wonderful gift possible. Regards,

New York City, NY

needle felted portraits for client krishna

Oh, they're just perfect! They are even better than I thought they would be and Magi just loves them.
Thanks so much!

Ottawa, Canada

needle felted portraits for client paige

Hi Amelia
I LOVE it!! The sculpture is perfect. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

Athens, GA

needle felted portraits for client meaghan

Oh my gosh I love it!! I'm so excited!! You did such a wonderful job and I can't believe how much it looks like her! Thanks so much again!!!

Granite Bay, Ca

needle felted portraits for client mercedes

We love him. I couldn't wait to show Adam last night we both were freaking out. Chopper little is amazing. This is the best piece of art that we will ever own!

Chicago IL

needle felted portraits for client leesia

We got them yesterday!!! We LOVE them -- it was totally worth the wait. :) They are sitting on the counter until we get a case for them, and everytime I see them I smile.
Thanks again! They are so wonderful.

Atlanta, GA

needle felted portraits for client sabrina

Oh my gosh!
They are so perfect! Esp. Layla. It is the spitting image of my baby girl! I just love them and am so excited to receive them! Excellent job!
Newport Coast, Ca

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE our mini Kylie and show everyone and the comments are usually 'wow that really does look like her' or 'thats amazing'. You did a great job on a mask that no one else has been able to ever get right. If you ever want to use the photos or what we have said about our little felted Kylie please feel free, I think everyone should know what a wonderful job you did. We are celebrating the little ones birthday today (she was actually likely born in late feb or march) it will be her 14th and these little tributes we are having done are to help us celebrate her and the happiness she brings us everyday. Thank you for all the work you put in to get her just right.

I am laughing so hard at how absolutely CUTE and Precious it turned out!! I knew it would be adorable, but was unprepared by just how much I would LOVE it!!!!!!! You are an artistic genius, my dear! Thank you sooooo much for taking so much trouble to get the details just perfect. You went above and beyond. My needle-felted Chuck is destined to be one of my most prized posessions - after the Real Thing, of course!
Julia (& Chuck!)

I received them mid last week. They look so funny!! When I told my husband that I got you to make these for me he teased me.. what do you need those for? When he saw them.. He loves them too!! I just think it's such a cool idea to have these. They are so personal. We call them our voo doo dolls for the dogs. I hope you're around when I get more pups for you to do :) Thanks again. They are absolutely wonderful!

Hi Amelia!!
LOL!!! They look hilarious!! I laughed my a$$ off when I saw them! That is a GOOD thing, it looks exactly like them!!!! Fantastic Job!! I just can't belive how much you captured thier likeness on these guys.

I love her!!! Great Job!! how do you do that, what an eye you have!!! i love buying from truely talented crafters. I am so happy I found your site. you are bookmarked at my home.
thanks again

That is just too precious! It looks just like our Geddy. I just can't believe how great he looks. You did a fantastic job and I can't wait to show all of Geddy's friends.
Thanks so much for being so dedicated to your craft. You have my complete approval. I hope to send some business your way too.
Best wishes,
Anne and Geddy

Just received Mini Gidget & I LOVE her!! I am so pleased with the quality & workmanship. She looks just like my Bearded Lady!!
Thanx Again,

Thank You!

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