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Amelia Santiago
amelia santiago photo

My name is Amelia Santiago. I am a passionate animal lover and an artist. My college degree is in painting but I am also a printmaker as well as a fiber artist. I grew up on the Oregon coast but for the past 25 years have lived in Portland, Oregon. I share a home with my wonderful husband, Edgar and two of the sweetest dogs you might ever meet, Leon and Oscar. For the past six years my work has been mainly focused on fiber sculpture and I have made a career out of sculpting portraits of people's pets. Most of my commissions are dogs, but I also have made cats, horses, pigs and even rabbits.

When I finished art school in 2004 I was sure that I wanted to pursue a career in painting and showing in galleries. Though I do have shows from time to time and I still paint, I have found the ultimate satisfaction in making these wool dog sculptures. It combines my two greatest loves, making art and animals, and it brings me a gratification I never knew I would find to bring happiness to others through my work. I have received so many letters from clients telling me how special they find their sculpture and how much it means to them. I love it and it keeps me inspired to continue making them and grow in my work.

When I am not working in the art studio, I am out and about enjoying my wonderfully creative city. I love to visit all the galleries, street fairs, artwalks and go to readings and see live music. Portland has a slew of amazing coffee roasters, micro breweries and restaurants that we love to try. The outdoor life here is superb as well. You can find me hiking in Forest Park, spending a day at the beach watching my dogs run free or riding my bike through the city. I also love to cook and do it often for my friends. If I love you and you have been to my home, I surely have made you a meal. And if it is summer or fall I have made it from produce I found at my favorite destination, the farmer's market. I love to cook so much that I even make every meal for my dogs from scratch!

I am not alone in the studio but with two little studio elves. They keep me company while I work each day and I am so lucky that I can have them with me!

The Studio Elves
pug photo

Oscar is a Jack Russell who is in a deep loves affair with his Kong. His favorite activities include giving baths to our other dog, ease dropping on the neighbors and napping in his bed, especially when we put it on the sofa. He also adores running next to my bicycle through the streets of Portland. In fact Oscar loves it so much, he howls with delight most of the time he is running. He smiles a grimace of teeth to greet his people when they return home and will rush to anyone's side to give his support and caring at the slightest showing of sorrow or tears. He prefers to sleep on his back, in the bed with his head on the pillow. He is almost nine now and has brought us that many years of joy. A perfect gentleman.

Leon is a black Pug who loves to cuddle. A serious mama's boy, he is my shadow, happy to be anywhere I am. He loves to play but spends much of his time snoring. He is a sleepy, snuggly little guy who is such a wonderful and patient studio companion. He will be three this September and has been with us for the past year now. He came from a rescue so I don't know what his early life was like. But Leon loves people so much that even when we are at the dog park, he visits the lap of anyone who is willing instead of playing with other dogs. He will look deep into your eyes and melt your heart.